13035570_10153582092638811_1181179709_oIt is a day like any other, and I’m sitting there in the same scenario have been many nights; in the living room couch listening occasional story of my uncle or a guest. Although my mind was between that conversation and TV, but my hands felt a tingle; was the artist trying to manifest. For a moment my gaze lost in the wall in front of me, which framed a small table with a floral arrangement with a lamp and a candle. In this space I saw art, and as if I had no control of me, went straight to the room, I looked for a canvas, paints and brushes and retook the seat.
I started giving strokes, as if it were a magic wand, my uncle who was next to me asked me what I was doing, as if it were an emerging issue I answered in a hurry, “painting, you know something experimental, lightweight 10 minutes.” After 10 minutes I felt I had cleared all my being at that time as if it had been a catharsis, is the feeling of releasing the artist. At that moment I realized that art is everywhere, in different ways.
We often have that feeling of creating art, but do not know how to create and say, “Muse does not reach me.” When you feel the muse does not come, just look around and find somewhere inn, you will see that art surrounds us and always be there like your shadow.