12596312_10153413206148811_1238869909_n For many years I have brought the art of my life, though not entirely, but I have not allowed live it to the fullest. The reality is that I have been carried away by wrong said, “The artists are starving.” Today I made an introspection of what has been my life, and the reality is that art is what has given meaning to it, gave it a touch that gives a spot of painting canvas and on more than one occasion he has been what has given me food and allowed me countless experiences. I feel that art has given me so much and I instead I have tried to put the art aside, I’ve missed and have betrayed my abilities.

Art comes in different shapes, colors and backgrounds and so it manifests, you just have to let it be. I tried to restrain the artist who lived in me and I just felt an emptiness that nothing could fill, it was that sensation of feeling the freedom of your hands to slide the brush on the canvas, throwing deliberate strokes on paper and let my mind and my whole being manifest everything that was inside; that I had inside me was the artist who lives in me. I’m tired of hiding what my hands can create, not to be what I am and finally I freed the artist, I allowed myself to be once more, because this is what I am, this is what we are, Art.

Let free to that artist who lives in you, let’s show the world what we are capable and that there is a future in art and that future begins now, now that reborn artist in you.